Internal data points of the OPC A&E server

There is one internal data point for the OPC A&E server in WinCC OA: _AEServer1 of the data point type _OPCAEPvssServer. The configuration of the WinCC OA OPC A&E server is saved here - see also Configuration of the OPC A&E server.

The elements of the data point type are shown in the following table.


Data point element Type Description
EventCategories.EventCategoryNames dyn_string Name of the event categories available in the server.
EventCategories.EventTypes dyn_uint Types of the Event categories available in the server (1=Simple Events, 2=Conditional Events).
Conditions.EventCategoryNames dyn_string Event Categories of the server conditions.
Conditions.ConditionNames dyn_string Names of the server conditions.
Conditions.AlertDps dyn_dpId Alert handlings that define the server conditions.
SubConditions.AlertRangeTexts dyn_langString Language dependent names of the sub conditions. These are read from the alert handlings. The value cannot be set by the user.
SubConditions.SubConditionNames dyn_string Language independent names of the sub conditions. So short, concise descriptions can be given for sub conditions.
SimpleEvents.EventCategoryNames dyn_string Event categories of the simple events, defined in the server.
SimpleEvents.AlertDps dyn_dpId Alert handlings that define the simple events.
ServerItems.DpGroupNames dyn_string Name of the DP group to which a server data point belongs. The DP group corresponds to the name of the condition or "OPC_AE_Simple (for Simple Events).
ServerItems.SourceItems dyn_dpId WinCC OA data points for the server items.