Getting Started - Tutorial

Chapter Content
Introduction What is WinCC OA? Target groups and requirements when using this tutorial.
Basic concepts Basic concepts and introduction of the concepts in WinCC OA.
Installation Installation of WinCC OA under Windows.
Project administration With the aid of the console and the project administration of WinCC OA you can administer your projects easily under Windows as well as under Linux.
Task - Exercise project Introduction of the exercise project which is the result of working through this tutorial.
Data model Basic terms of the data point concept in WinCC OA.
Create data points Introduction of the data point editor - PARA.
Graphical user interfaces - "Panels" Introduction of the graphics editor - GEDI.
Alarms Presentation of alarms in terms of colors according to standards, display in an object and presentation of the alarm screen in WinCC OA.
Archiving Saving of historic data, presentation/analysis of historic values in trends.
Navigation & administration of images - "Panel Topology" Administration of process panels in WinCC OA. Basics of modules, panels and child panels.
Scripting in graphics General description of the scripting language CONTROL in WinCC OA. Example of control scripts linked with graphics objects.
Scripting for common tasks Control script for the processing of scripts in a unique manager at run time.
Periphery connection General information about periphery connection in WinCC OA and description of how to setup an OPC client server connection.
Tips & trouble shooting Further important information in conjunction with WinCC OA (path specification, notation, ..)
Contact Contact address at ETM.