The catalog window

The catalog window lets you view and manage reference panels and other catalogs, for example, Icon libraries.

Open the catalog window of the project or of the version by selecting View > Catalogs > [project name] or [version]

The object catalog contains 12 Sub catalogs. The object catalogs are located in wincc_oa_path\<version>\panels\objects. The figure below shows an example of the opened sub-catalogue STD_INDICATORS.

Figure 1. "STD_INDICATORS" sub-catalog

Reference objectsare saved asReference Panelswith the file extension.pnlin thepath.../panels/objects. When a reference panel is saved (see also Properties of references and override, an icon is simultaneously created and shown in a catalog window "Objects".

You can open a sub catalog by clicking on the name. You can also display all objects with a right-click and selecting "All objects".

To use the objects in your panels, just drag & drop with the mouse. Click on an object in the catalogue window and drag it into the panel window. A reference can also be inserted by using the "Panel Reference" button of Object icon bar. For more information on references, see chapter Properties of references and override.

To change the appearance of the reference objects in the window, right-click in the catalog window and choose the "Change icon" option. The icon opens in a graphics program and you can change it. Save the changed icon. The new icon will be shown in the catalog window.

Using the context menu of the right mouse key, the catalog can be toggled between symbol and list view