Simple Symbols, basics

The "Simple Symbols" functionality is used to simply assign corresponding symbols to data point types and increase the working comfort when working with different symbols. The Simple Symbols allow it, compared to the existing STD_Symbols, to build flexible Elements that are completely configured and able to use with just adding one necessary $-Parameter. In comparison, for the existing standard symbols all elements had to be assigned to the object when designing a user interface. Also the data points had to be adapted to the Symbols.


  • With a simple assignment it is possible to use completely configured graphic objects for the building of a user interface.

  • Simple handling of the user interface layout.

  • New standard symbols in WinCC OA on basis of the Simple Symbols configuration.

  • Symbol changes can be performed on one place for all data points.

  • One symbol can be used for multiple data point types.

  • Increased symbol reusability.

Chapter overview

Chapter Description
Simple Symbols, basics Introduction and chapter referrals.
Assign Symbols to DPT Describes how to assign a symbol to a data point type.
Drag'N Draw Describes the drag'n draw functionality.
SimpleSymbols - Standard Symbols Simple Symbols Standard Symbols