Version control, basics

A VCS (Version control system) is used for managing changes to documents or other data. The files and directories are stored in a repository. Changes to them are monitored by the version control system and saved as a new version in the repository. Each change to a file is identified by the revision number, a timestamp and the person that made the change. The versions can be compared and restored anytime.

In WinCC OA it is possible to manage projects with different version control systems. The functionality of the VCS can also be used in the GEDI. Thus your project files can be updated or added to the repositroy easily without leaving the project.


  • installed VCS tool on the WinCC OA system

The config entry versionControl in the [ui] section enables to use different version control systems. Therefore, a script is needed for each control system. The name of the script must be equal to the given name in the config entry. E.g. versionControl = "XYZ" means that the script must also be named "XYZ". This script must be located in the scripts/gedi folder (e.g.: scripts/gedi/xyz.ctl).

The WinCC OA package contains the scripts for the implementation of CVS, Git and SVN.

The version control systems themselves are not delivered with WinCC OA.

Chapter Description
CVS functionality, basics General information about the CVS functionality.
Git functionality, basics General information about the Git functionality.
SVN functionality, basics General information about the SVN functionality.