Basic information on configuration panels for new drivers

You need to use the API interface to create customized drivers. This section merely shows you how to create a panel for configuring the peripheral address of new drivers.

Two prepared example scripts have been provided to make it easier for you to integrate new drivers in WinCC OA. All you need to do is add the name and type at specified points in the scripts, and define your commands.


You are saved from making changes in the standard libraries, and it takes just a few minutes to customize your own configuration panel for setting the peripheral address.

Since a large range of different requirements need to be met for a new driver, this topic only focuses on how to create a configuration panel for peripheral addresses on the basis of the examples contained in the script. The actual programming made in the panel must be in line with the driver-specific requirements.

Chapter Description
Basic information on new drivers Introduction and explanation
Changes in the script userDriver.ctl Step-by-step instructions for driver definitions
Copying the template panel Preparing the configuration panel for your drivers
Changes in the script userPara.ctl Example of command sequences for function calls
Working with the new driver Checking the script by opening the panels in the PARA module
Summary and relevant links Links to the configuration topic and other drivers