Data types for DPAs and control expressions

WinCC OA has the following integer constants for querying data types for data point attributes (see dpAttributeType()) and control expressions (see getType()):

Integer constant Description
ATIME_VAR Time of the alarm
BIT32_VAR Bit pattern
BLOB_VAR Blob (binary large object)
CHAR_VAR Character
VA_LIST_VAR An arbitrary number of parameters
FILE_VAR File variable
FLOAT_VAR Floating-point number
INT_VAR Integer
LANGSTRING_VAR Multilingual text
MIXED_VAR Mixed variable. Contrary to anytype, the variable type mixed gets each time a new type.

Mapping variable. Mappings save arbitrary key and value pairs. The keys and values are saved in two arrays (one for keys and one for values). A mapping with key:value pairs "one": 1, "two":2, "three":3 looks internally as follows:

key value

"one" 1

"two" 2

"three" 3.

UINT_VAR Natural number
ANYTYPE_VAR Type anytype before the first assignment
ERRCLASS_VAR Error classes
LONG_VAR Integer value (64 bit)
ULONG_VAR Unsigned integer value (64 bit)
SHAPE_VAR Pointer for graphics elements
IDISPATCH_VAR Data type for methods of ActiveX
RECHDL_VAR Data type for ADO data types
CONNHDL_VAR Data type for ADO connections
CMDHDL_VAR Data type for ADO commands
DYN_BIT32_VAR Dyn. bit pattern field
DYN_BOOL_VAR Dyn. bit field
DYN_CHAR_VAR Dyn. character field
DYN_DPIDENTIFIER_VAR Dyn. identifier field
DYN_FLOAT_VAR Dyn. floating-point field
DYN_INT_VAR Dyn. integer field
DYN_LANGSTRING_VAR Dyn. multilingual text
DYN_STRING_VAR Dyn. text field
DYN_TIME_VAR Dyn. time field
DYN_UINT_VAR Dyn. natural field
DYN_ATIME_VAR Dyn. time of the alarm
DYN_DYN_ATIME_VAR Dynamic field dyn. time of the alarm
DYN_SHAPE_VAR Dyn. pointer for graphics elements
DYN_DYN_SHAPE_VAR Dynamic field dyn. pointer for graphics elements
DYN_MAPPING_VAR Dynamic mapping field
DYN_MIXED_VAR Dynamic mixed field (each mixed element can be of different data type).
DYN_ANYTYPE_VAR Dynamic field with elements of any data type
DYN_ERRCLASS_VAR Dyn. error classes
DYN_LONG_VAR Dynamic integer value (64 bit)
DYN_ULONG_VAR Dynamic unsigned integer value (64 bit)
DYN_IDISPATCH_VAR Dynamic data type for methods of ActiveX
DYN_RECHDL_VAR Dynamic data type for ADO data types
DYN_CONNHDL_VAR Dynamic data type for ADO connections
DYN_CMDHDL_VAR Dynamic data type for ADO commands
DYN_DYN_ANYTYPE_VAR Dynamic field from dynamic fields of elements of any data type
DYN_DYN_BIT32_VAR Dynamic field dyn. bit pattern fields
DYN_DYN_BOOL_VAR Dynamic field dyn. bit fields
DYN_DYN_BLOB_VAR Dynamic field dyn blob fields
DYN_DYN_CHAR_VAR Dynamic field of dynamic character fields
DYN_DYN_DPIDENTIFIER_VAR Dynamic field of dynamic identifier fields
DYN_DYN_ERRCLASS_VAR Dynamic field of error classes
DYN_DYN_FLOAT_VAR Dynamic field dyn. floating-point number fields
DYN_DYN_INT_VAR Dynamic field dyn. bit integer fields
DYN_DYN_LANGSTRING_VAR Dynamic field dyn. multilingual texts
DYN_DYN_STRING_VAR Dynamic field dyn. bit pattern fields
DYN_DYN_TIME_VAR Dynamic field dyn. time fields
DYN_DYN_UINT_VAR Dynamic field of dyn. fields of positive integers
DYN_DYN_MAPPING_VAR Dynamic field of dynamic mapping fields
DYN_DYN_MIXED_VAR Dynamic field of dynamic mixed fields
DYN_DYN_LONG_VAR Dynamic field of dynamic integer values (64 bit)
DYN_DYN_ULONG_VAR Dynamic field of dynamic unsigned integer values (64 bit)
DYN_DYN_IDISPATCH_VAR Dynamic field of dynamic data types for methods of ActiveX
DYN_DYN_RECHDL_VAR Dynamic field of dynamic data types for ADO data types
DYN_DYN_CONNHDL_VAR Dynamic field of dynamic data types for ADO connections
DYN_DYN_CMDHDL_VAR Dynamic field of dynamic data types for ADO commands