Embedding and Configuring the Object Library

To use all the functions of the WinCC OA BACnet application, it is necessary to configure and integrate the Standard Object Library (Stdlib_<version_number>) and the BACnet Object Library BACnet Object Library (BACnet_<version_number>) into an existing WinCC OA project beforehand. This can be done in four steps, which are described below.

Embedding the Object Library

Embed the BACnet Object Library and the Standard Object Library into an existing WinCC OA project ( WinCC OA Project Administration -> Change project properties -> Integrate subproject). Note that the order in which the subprojects are added must comply with the screenshot below.

Screenshot: Integrating order


Configuring prefix for alarm acknowledgement

Copy the section with the config entry

driverAckClassPrefix = "BACnet"

from the config.level file of the WinCC OA installation directory \BACnet_<version>\config to the config file (\config) of your WinCC OA project.

This config entry defines a prefix for a triggered alert. Thereby, all alerts whose alert classes contain this prefix are not acknowledged by the user interface, but acknowledged by the driver (the acknowledgement is received from the PLC). Of course, the prefix can be changed as required.

Configuring connection

Before starting the WinCC OA project, the connection between the BACnet driver and the BACnet device must be configured, in case of online engineering. This is done by setting the mandatory "net" config entry.

The "net" config entry has the following syntax and has to be entered in the [bacnet] section:

net = <Network> ”IP” <IPAddress> <Subnetmask> <UDPPort> <BBMDAddress> <BBMDMaxForeignDevices> <ForeignDeviceHoldingTime>

For a detailed meaning of the particular parameters, see WinCC OA Online Help (Drivers/BACnet/BACnet driver config file).

Normally, the following parameter values have to be entered in order to establish a connection:

net = 1 "IP" "" "" 47808 "" 0 120

Start Project

If offline engineeringis used, start the WinCC OA project now.

If online engineeringis used, the BACnet driver manager must first be added to the manager list. Ensure that the WCCOAsim Manger is not running!

WCCOAbacnet -num 1

Now the project can be started.

Importing Data point Lists

The datapoint lists of the Standard Object Library and of the BACnet Object Library have to be imported using the ASCII Manager.

  1. Open the ASCII Manager panel via the WinCC OA System Management (Database -> ASCII Manager).
  2. Import the required datapoint lists. The order must comply with:
    • stdlib.dpl from the < wincc_oa_path>\Stdlib_<version>\dplist\ subproject
    • Optional: stdlib_regler.dpl from the < wincc_oa_path>\Stdlib_<version>\dplist\ subproject - parameterized example of a Stdlib datapoint type "STDLIB_regler"
    • BACnet_All.dpl from the < wincc_oa_path>\BACnet_<version>\dplist\ subproject
    • Optional: BACnet_Samples.dpl from the < wincc_oa_path>\BACnet_<version>\dplist\ subproject - parameterized example of a device with two sample panels
    • BACnet_PrimitiveTypes.dpl from the < wincc_oa_path>\BACnet_<version>\dplist\ subproject
Figure 1. Importing datapoint lists using the ASCII Manager