Crypto API

The WinCC OA Crypto API provides highly secure random numbers and a strong cryptographic basis for system security by using cryptographic keys. The cryptographic encrypt and decrypt functions can be used, for example, for the user authentication.

The Crypto API is part of the WinCC OA API. When using the WinCC OA API for CTRL extensions, API managers or driver implementation, the Crypto API can be used to introduce cryptographic functionality. The use of WinCC OA Crypto API ensures highly secure communication and authentication.

The WinCC OA Crypto API Key classes use X509 certificates to create and verify signatures. A signature can be created by using a private key, and verified by using a public key.

The signature functions are implemented in the Key.hxx class. The random number generation again in the class Random.hxx.

Name of the class Description
Key The class Key.hxx implements the signature functions.
Random Generates secure random numbers.

You can find the class and method documentation of the Crypto API in the API documentation under wincc_oa_path/api/docu. Open the index.html page. You can now search for classes and methods.

Figure: The "index.html" in the WinCC OA APi installation and docu directory as well as the opened documentation for the "Key" class