A specific item is displayed right at the end of a list.


setValue(string shape, "bottomPos", int item);

shape.bottomPos(int item);


Parameter Description
shape Name of the object
item Index of the item to be shown at the list bottom, starting with 1.


If list items no longer fit into a window, "bottomPos" can be used to specify the number of the list item that is to be shown at the end of a list, the displayed items are then shifted accordingly. The list items are not rearranged. The parameter "item" defines the index of the last item in the window. "item"==0 represents a special case whereby the "last" element is then displayed at the bottom.


For the object "selectionlist1", the 15th item is displayed at the list bottom.

  shape list = getShape("selectionlist1");
  list.bottomPos(15); // Last item


Selection list