Text field

The Textfeld is a specially marked input and output area for displaying text.

Available functions Description
"acceptDrops" Specifies whether drop events are enabled for this object.
"borderStyle" Specifies whether a text field is displayed in 3D.
"clearButtonEnabled" Specifies whether the clear button is enabled for this text field.
"editable" Defines the used border style (normal, 3D).
"font" Sets the font of the object.
"format" Specifies text formatting.
"max" Defines the maximum value that can be entered in a text field.
"min" Defines the minimum value that can be entered in a text field.
"placeholderText" This text is displayed grayed out until the user writes something in the text field.
"select" Selects the text of a text field (the complete text or a specified number of characters only can be selected).
"text" Defines the content (text) of the text field.
"updatesEnabled" This attribute specifies whether updates have been enabled.