Available functions Description
"armed" Indicates whether or not a button is pressed.
"bloom" The attribute defines a percentage of the total polygon size to be drawn.
"closed" Sets or gets if the last points of the polygon line are connected.
"connectorBeginRef" Defines the beginning / starting point of a reference or reads it.
"connectorConnectionType" Sets the Connector Type
"connectorEndRef" Defines the end/ end point of a reference or reads it.
"dashBackCol" Defines or returns the background color of a dashed line.
"points" Sets or gets the vertices of a polygon side.
"positionOnPath" Describes any position on a polygon side.

The returned pixel size of the graphics object generally applies applies to the outside border (bounding box). For polygons a higher value than the actually visible size is returned due to the presentation of the angles (PenJoin/PenCap). The returned value is typically 4 pixels bigger. A bigger value is also returned when the line width is set to 1 or the border is set to transparent.

The corner points of polygon sides can be "over" configured. This means that you can add a polygon side reference to a panel and change the size of the corner points.