Available functions Description
"acceptDrops" Specifies enabling of drop events for the object.
"appendItem" Add new items to the object.
"clearItems" Clears all items except the first one.
"enabled" Sets a check box to active or inactive. Active, though, does not mean that a check box will be activated automatically. Only when the value of "enabled" has been set to TRUE, a user can activate a check box.
"events" (obsolete) Retrieves all available events.
"font" Sets the font of the object.
"itemCount" Get the number of items inside of the object
"itemEnabled" The attribute "itemEnabled" enables or disables an radio box or a check box item.
"itemGeometry" Delivers the geometry of an item.
"state" Sets or reads the status of a check box (marked/unmarked).
"text" Defines the label for a check box.
"updatesEnabled" Specifies wether updates for the object have been enabled.