Functions S...


Function Availability Use
scanTimeUTC() CTRL Time functions
scriptEditor() UI Simple configuration
seAddCompletionItem() CTRL Script Editor
second() CTRL Time function
secureRandom() UI,CTRL Miscellaneous functions
seGetCompletionItems() CTRL Script Editor
seGetCursorPos() UI Script Editor
seGetLine() UI Script Editor
seGetScriptFileName() UI Script Editor
seGetSelectedText() UI Script Editor
seGetSelectedTextPos() UI Script Editor
seInsertLine() UI Script Editor
seLoadCoverageReport() UI Script Editor
semAcquire() UI, CTRL Thread programming
semAvailable() UI, CTRL Thread programming
semRelease() UI, CTRL Thread programming
sendKeyClick() UI Miscellaneous functions
sendMail() UI, CTRL Communication functions
sendMouseEvent() UI Miscellaneous functions
sendSMS() CTRL Communication functions
sendWheelEvent() UI Miscellaneous functions
seRemoveLine() UI Miscellaneous functions
seSetCursorPos() UI Miscellaneous functions
seSetLine() UI Miscellaneous functions
seSetLines() UI Miscellaneous functions
setACount () CTRL Data point function
setActiveIconTheme() UI Miscellaneous functions
setAIdentifier() CTRL Data point function
setApplicationProperty() UI Miscellaneous functions
setBit() CTRL Functions for bit32 variables
setClipboardText() UI Miscellaneous functions
setClutteringLimits() UI Administration of managers...
setCursorPosition() UI Miscellaneous functions
setDbgFlag() CTRL, UI Miscellaneous functions
setDollarParams() UI Graphics
setenv() CTRL Miscellaneous functions
setFileModificationTime() CTRL File functions
setFilePermissions() CTRL File functions
setGroupNamePVSS() CTRL User administration
setInputFocus() UI Graphics
setLangString() CTRL Multi-language capability
setMultiValue() UI Graphics
setPanelSize() UI Administration of managers...
setPattern() CTRL Functions for bit32 variables
setPeriod() CTRL Time function
setQueryRDBDirect() CTRL Database functions
setScaleStyle() UI Administration of managers...
setScript() UI Simple configuration
setScriptLangId() CTRL Multi-language capability
setScriptUserId() CTRL User administration
setThrowErrorAsException() UI, CTRL Miscellaneous functions
setTime() CTRL Time function
setTrace() UI, CTRL Miscellaneous functions
setUserEnabledPVSS() CTRL User administration
setUserId() CTRL User administration
setUserNamePVSS() CTRL User administration
setUserNameSSO() CTRL User administration
setUserOsIdPVSS() CTRL User administration
setValue() UI Graphics
setVariable() UI Miscellaneous functions
setWindowIcon() UI Panel functions
setWindowTitle() UI Graphics
shapeExists() UI Graphics
showProgressBar() UI Dialog functions
sin() CTRL Mathematical function
sinh() CTRL Mathematical function
snmpcrypt_encryptAccessParameter() CTRL SNMP
snmpcrypt_setAccessPassPhrase() CTRL SNMP
snmpMIBBrowserGetAdditionalInfos() CTRL Miscellaneous functions
snmpMIBBrowserGetHierarchyNames() CTRL Miscellaneous functions
sprintf() CTRL Strings
sprintfPL() CTRL Strings
sprintfUL() CTRL Strings
sqrt() CTRL Mathematical function
srand() CTRL Miscellaneous functions
sscanf() CTRL Strings
sscanfPL() CTRL String
sscanfUL() CTRL String
startAnimation() UI Graphics functions
startAnimationWait() UI Graphics functions
startScript() CTRL Miscellaneous functions
startPanelRefConstruct() CTRL Data point functions
startSound() CTRL Miscellaneous functions
startSymbol() UI Graphics functions
startThread() CTRL Threads
stayOnTop() UI Administration of managers...
std_help() CTRL Miscellaneous functions
std_MiniHelp() CTRL Miscellaneous functions
stopAnimation() UI Graphics functions
stopScript() CTRL Miscellaneous functions
stopSound() CTRL Miscellaneous functions
stopThread() CTRL Threads
strchange() CTRL Strings
strexpand CTRL Strings
strformat() CTRL Strings
strjoin() CTRL Strings
strlen() CTRL Strings
strltrim() CTRL, UI Strings
strpos() CTRL Strings
strreplace() CTRL Strings
strrtrim() CTRL, UI Strings
strsplit() CTRL Strings
strtok() CTRL Strings
strtolower() CTRL Strings
strtoupper() CTRL Strings
strwalk() CTRL Strings
substr() CTRL Strings
switchCtrlConnectionsToReplica() CTRL Redu and dist functions
switchCtrlConnectionToReplica() CTRL Redu and dist functions
switchLang() UI Multilingual functionality
SwitchLayer() UI panel.ctl
SwitchLayerPanel() UI panel.ctl
SwitchLayerPanelInModule() UI panel.ctl
switchUiConnectionsToReplica() CTRL Redu and dist functions
switchUiConnectionToReplica() CTRL Redu and dist functions
sysConnect() UI, CTRL Miscellaneous functions
sysConnectUserData() UI, CTRL Miscellaneous functions
sysDisconnect() UI, CTRL Miscellaneous functions
sysDisconnectUserData() UI, CTRL Miscellaneous functions
system() CTRL, UI Miscellaneous functions
systemDetached() CTRL, UI Miscellaneous functions