Functions G


Function Availability Use
getACount() CTRL Data point function
getActiveHttpServerUrl() UI HTTP functions
getActiveIconTheme() UI Miscellaneous functions
getActiveLang() CTRL Multi-language capability
getActiveLangId() CTRL Multi-language capability
getAIdentifier() CTRL Data point function
getAllDpAliases() CTRL Data point function
getAllGroupsPVSS() CTRL User administration
getAllLangIds() CTRL Multi-language capability
getAllOSGroups() - obsolete CTRL User administration
getAllOSUsers() CTRL User administration
getAllUsersPVSS() CTRL User administration
getApplicationProperty() UI Miscellaneous functions
getBit() CTRL Functions for bit32 variables
getCatStr() UI, CTRL Multi-language capability
getChildCentralPosition() UI panel.ctl
getClipboardText() UI Graphics functions
getColorNames() UI Graphics
getComponentName() CTRL Miscellaneous functions
getConfigActiveHttpServerUrl() UI HTTP function
getConfirmDps() UI Management of managers
getCurrentDomainName() CTRL User administration
getCurrentOSUser() - obsolete CTRL User administration
getCurrentOSUserLocal() CTRL User administration
getCurrentTime() CTRL Time function
getCursorPosition() UI Graphics
getDictionary() CTRL Multi-language capability
getDollarList() UI Graphics
getDollarParams() UI Graphics
getDollarParamsFromPanel() UI Graphics
getDollarValue() UI Graphics
getDomainOSUser() UI; CTRL User administration
getDyn...() CTRL Dynamic fields
getenv() UI, CTRL Miscellaneous functions
getErrorCatalog() CTRL Errors
getErrorCode() CTRL Errors
getErrorDpName() CTRL Errors
getErrorManId() CTRL Errors
getErrorPriority() CTRL Errors
getErrorStackTrace() CTRL Errors
getErrorText() CTRL Errors
getErrorType() CTRL Errors
getErrorUserId() CTRL Errors
getExt() CTRL File functions
getFileCryptoHash() CTRL File functions
getFileModificationTime() CTRL File functions
getFileNameFromPath() CTRL, UI File functions
getFileNames() CTRL File functions
getFileNamesLocal() CTRL File functions
getFileNamesRemote() CTRL File functions
getFileNamesRev() CTRL File functions
getFilePermissions() CTRL File functions
getFilesFromDirectory() CTRL File functions
getFileSize() CTRL File functions
getFilesRecursive() CTRL File functions
getGediNames() UI Management of managers
getGlobalLangId() CTRL Multi-language capability
getGlobals() CTRL Miscellaneous functions
getGlobalType() CTRL Miscellaneous functions
getGroupDataPVSS() CTRL User administration
getGroupsOfUserPVSS() CTRL User administration
getHostByAddr() CTRL Miscellaneous functions
getHostByName() CTRL Miscellaneous functions
getHostname CTRL Miscellaneous functions
getInitialZoomFactor() UI Management of managers
getKerberosSecurity() CTRL Kerberos authentication
getLangIdx() CTRL Multi-language capability
getLastError() CTRL Errors
getLastException() CTRL Errors
getLicenseOption() CTRL Miscellaneous functions
getLocale() CTRL Multi-language capability
getManIdFromInt() CTRL Management of managers
getMetaLang() CTRL Multi-language capability
getMultiValue() UI Graphics
getNetworkDevices() UI, CTRL Miscellaneous functions
getNoOfLangs() CTRL Multi-language capability
getOSDomainName() CTRL User administration
getOSGroups() CTRL User administration
getOSGroupID() CTRL User administration
getOSGroupInfo() CTRL User administration
getOSGroupName() CTRL User administration
getOSGroups() CTRL User administration
getOSGroupUsers() CTRL User administration
getOSUser() CTRL User administration
getOSUserGroups() CTRL User administration
getOSUserGroupsMembership() CTRL User administration
getOSUserID() CTRL User administration
getOSUserInfo() CTRL User administration
getOSUserName() CTRL User administration
getOSUsers() CTRL User administration
getPanelPreview() UI Data point functions
getPanelSize() UI Graphics
getPath() CTRL Management of managers
getPendingFileTransferCount() CTRL File function
getPrimaryScreen() UI Miscellaneous functions
getPrinterNames() CTRL Graphics
getProjectLangIds() CTRL Multi-language capability
getReduDp() CTRL Data point function
getRemoteSystemHosts() CTRL Redundancy functions
getRemoteSystemNamesConnected() UI Miscellaneous functions
getScaleStyle() UI Management of managers
getScreenCount() UI Miscellaneous functions
getScreenNumber() UI Miscellaneous functions
getScreenshot() UI Miscellaneous functions
getScreenSize() UI Miscellaneous functions
getScript() UI Simple configuration
getShape() UI Graphics
getShapeStrict() UI Graphics
getShapes() UI Graphics
getShapesStrict() UI Graphics
getShapeStrict() UI Graphics
getStackTrace() CTRL Miscellaneous functions
getStandardPath() UI Miscellaneous functions
getSystemEnvironment() CTRL Miscellaneous functions
getSystemId() CTRL Miscellaneous functions
getSystemName() CTRL Miscellaneous functions
getSystemNames() CTRL Miscellaneous functions
getThreadId() CTRL Threads
getType() CTRL Miscellaneous functions
getTypeName() CTRL Miscellaneous functions
getUserDataPVSS() CTRL User administration
getUiFunctionList() UI Miscellaneous functions
getUiStyle() UI Miscellaneous functions
getUserDataByNamePVSS() CTRL User administration
getUserId() CTRL User administration
getUserName() CTRL User administration
getUserPermission() CTRL User administration
getUserPermissionForArea() CTRL User administration
getUsersInGroupPVSS() CTRL User administration
getValue() UI Graphics
getVariable() UI Miscellaneous functions
getVisionNames() UI Management of managers
getWindowsEvents() CTRL User administration
getYoungerFiles() UI Management of managers
getZoomFactor() UI Management of managers
getZoomRange() UI Management of managers
globalExists() CTRL Miscellaneous functions
groupCreate() CTRL Data point function
groupDelete() CTRL Data point function
gunzip() CTRL Miscellaneous functions
gzip() CTRL Miscellaneous functions
gzread() CTRL Miscellaneous functions
gzwrite() CTRL Miscellaneous functions