The function allows to preload panels that are positioned around the current panel. This allows to implement a matrix navigation.


loadPanel(int pos, string fileName, string panelName, dyn_string parameter);


Parameter Description

Position to load the panel to, relative to the current panel.

  • 0 - Left
  • 1 - Right
  • 2 - Above
  • 3 - Below
fileName Name of the panel file
panelName Name of the panel
parameter (optional) Parameters which are passed to the preloaded panel


The function allows to preload multiple panels located around the current panel before they are even displayed. This allows to implement a smooth matrix navigation.

By using the function "scrollToPanel" the current panel can be switched with one of the preloaded panels. You can also use a two finger swipe gesture. It must be considered that the gesture must be triggered within 200ms after touching the display. Otherwise the common touch gestures are triggered.

Calling the function loadPanel() implicitly activates the panel grid mode which can also be manually activated or deactivated using the panelGridMode() function.

By calling the function panelLoad() multiple times additional panels can be preloaded and stored within the system memory cache.

It is recommended that the panels are using the same dimensions.


An examples for the loadPanel function can be found within the example panel "panels/examples/chartewo/start.pnl"


Embedded Module