Multilingual projects, basics

WinCC OA is designed to provide both Active Language Support and Multi Language Support.

Native Language Support means that the user can operate his system in his own language with the support of WinCC OA thus processing figures, dates, and others in familiar formats, that is, the user works with a particular locale.

Multi Language Support means that a running WinCC OA system can be operated in different languages, that is, one and the same system can be operated from different terminals in different languages and the terminals can switch between languages.

In order to configure this multi-language capability, WinCC OA supports automatic translation by means of translation tables.


  • Texts in files are stored in a cross-platform format. Not only the European languages are taken into account but also Asian languages (for example, texts in binary files (database) are also cross-platform.

  • WinCC OA has a central setting specifying what languages or locales are used by the current system.

  • Texts can be input and output in several languages in the user interface.

  • Language dependent texts are created in msg dialogs.

  • Panels can also be printed in the desired language.

  • Translations can be imported and exported.

  • The translator tool supports online translation.

Chapter Content
Multilingual projects, basics Introduction to the topic with links
File search and language-fallback-mechanism Searching for files in the language dependent subdirectories and language-fallback-mechanism, just in case that a file is not found in the active language.
Important notes Basic issues in multilingual projects
Configuration Updating the config file after successful creation a project.
Language editor (Lang Editor) In multilingual projects, opening the Lang editor in different panels
Creating multilingual projects The procedure for creating a multilingual project as a guide to adding multi-language support to existing projects.
The translation tools The translator tool and two programs to translate existing panels. PVSStoolParse for exporting or importing identifiers and PVSStoolTrans for translating.
Fonts in WinCC OA Possible font coding in WinCC OA
System settings for local texts System settings for non-western fonts
WinCC OA settings Settings for the WinCC OA user interface
Data types and Control functions Data types and control functions supporting the multilingual capability