File search and language-fallback-mechanism

When searching for a file in a multilingual project in the language-dependent subdirectories, the search starts in the directory of the active language (in the project directory). If the file is not found there, the program continues to search for the file in the active language’s WinCC OA directory.

In case that the file remains unfounded in active language, the fallback-mechanism which appears in the table will come into force.

For each language the program first searches in the project directory, then in the WinCC OA directory.


WinCC OA always uses this fallback-mechanism in multilingual projects, when searching for files in language-dependant subdirectories. Example are when searching for the catalog entries, for the translated texts in panels using the translation tools or the WinCC OA translation tool, or for project import / export by using the ASCII-Manager.

As of the version 3.18 ISO projects cannot be created anymore. Create UTF-8 projects instead.

Search order Example
'locale'-String of the aktive language: <language>_<territory>.<coding> fr_CA.utf8
'locale'-String with: <same language>_<same territory>.<different coding> fr_CA.iso88591
'locale'-String with: <same language>_<different territory>.<same coding> fr_FR.utf8
'locale'-String with: <same language>_<different territory>.<different coding> fr_FR.iso88591
<Englisch>_<US>.<same coding> en_US.utf8
<Englisch>_<US>.<different coding> en_US.iso88591
<Deutsch>_<AT>.<ISO-coding> de_AT.iso88591


The following example illustrates how within a project d:/tmp/lang with the WinCC OA installation in d:/WinCC_OA searches the file in a multilingual project in the active language fr_CA.utf8:

Language string Example Path / File
<language>_<territory>.<coding> fr_CA.utf8 d:/tmp/lang/msg/fr_CA.utf8/
<same language>_<same territory>.<different coding> fr_CA.iso88591 d:/tmp/lang/msg/fr_CA.iso88591/
<same language>_<different territory>.<same coding> fr_FR.utf8 d:/tmp/lang/msg/fr_FR.utf8/
<same language>_<different territory>.<different coding> fr_FR.iso88591 d:/tmp/lang/msg/fr_FR.iso88591/
<Englisch>_<US>.<same coding> en_US.utf8 d:/tmp/lang/msg/en_US.utf8/
<Englisch>_<US>.<different coding> en_US.iso88591 d:/tmp/lang/msg/en_US.iso88591/
<German>_<AT>.<ISO-coding> de_AT.iso88591 d:/tmp/lang/msg/de_AT.iso88591/