Adds a user group of an external authentication system to the WinCC OA user administration.


int addGroupPVSS(string osID, string groupName, langString fullName = "", langString comment="");


Parameter Description
osID The OS ID of the group in the external authentication system.
groupName The group name.
fullName Optional parameter to set the fullName of the group.
comment Optional parameter to set the comment of the group.

Return Value

ID of the new group and -1 if the group was not created.


Adds a user group to the user administration. This function can be used to add groups referencing external authentication systems such as AD, to WinCC OA by setting the osID parameter.


Adds a group called "OperatorWinCCOA" to the WinCC OA user administration.

main(mapping event)


  int i = addGroupPVSS("S-1-5-21-1934636824-790261252-315576832-1001",

  "OperatorWinCCOA","WinCC OA Operator","Operator group of the WinCC OA System");

  /* here the addGroupPVSS is split and shown on two rows. To exceute the

  function, delete the line break! */

  DebugN("Group added", i);



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