Creating a multilingual Project

Selecting the administrator button New project allows you to create multilingual projects of different kinds (distributed, redundant or remote) with the support of an installation wizard. If you want to select several languages, keep Ctrl pressed while selecting the languages.

Available Languages
Arabic Bulgarian Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese
German - Germany German - Switzerland German - Austria Danish - Denmark
English - Great Britain English - US Finnish - Finland French - France
French - Canada French - Switzerland Greek - Greece Hebrew - Israel
Indonesian Icelandic Italian - Italy Italian - Switzerland
Japan - Japan #Ext. Japan - Japan #Shift Japan - Japan #MS Croatian
Lithuanian Dutch Norwegian Persian
Polish Portuguese Rumanian Russian
Swedish Slovakian Slovenian Spanish
Thai Czech Turkish Hungarian
Figure 1. Console with selected project languages

Enter the target directory and a project name, then click Next >. This displays the settings for the new project.

Figure 2. Project Settings

Clicking OK completes creating the new project.