WinCC OA & Cybersecurity

Security relevant information especially for WinCC OA and SiemensCERT!

WinCC OA & Security

WinCC OA (Open Architecture) by Siemens is a flexible SCADA system designed to monitor and control industrial processes and to serve complex automation tasks. The open architecture of WinCC OA not only allows customization to meet specific industrial needs but also presents unique security challenges.

So how does WinCC OA make your operations safer and more secure? By using software that has been validated by a safety and cybersecurity authority. WinCC OA is the only SIL 3 (Safety Integrity Level 3) rated SCADA software package on the market and has maintained its SIL 3 certification since 2008. Additionally, WinCC OA is IEC 62443 certified for both 4-1 (Development) and for 4-2 (Product). ISA/IEC 62443 standards are a significant contribution to improving cybersecurity in the automation industry and help protect critical infrastructure from cyber attacks.

In summary, WinCC OA combines safety features, certification, compliance, continuous operation, and disaster recovery to create a robust and secure environment for critical industrial systems.

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Siemens CERT

For all security relevant vulnerabilities and possible exposures around WinCC Open Architecture please go to Siemens website and subscribe a WinCC OA notification or even better please register for the Security mailing list.

Furthermore you can find all Siemens relevant products, solutions, or services regarding cyber security there as well.

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