Control libraries

A separate library can be created for Control scripts which can be accessed by all Control scripts in a project. This control library can also be changed at run time. Every time a panel is opened in the PARA module or via a data selection dialog in the VISION module, the User Interface Manager checks whether a library file has changed. If the library has changed and no scripts are currently running, the new library file is opened. If scripts are running, however, the warning "Library in use" is issued. If you test a panel via the Quickview and the panel is using a CTRL lib you can change the CTRL lib without closing the Quickview and the changed lib is loaded in the background.

The Control library can be modified by the user in any text editor. A library file can be selected directly from the project view of the graphics editor. It is loaded directly into the script editor of the GEDI module, which also provides a syntax checker when editing the file. If a library file contains a syntax error it is not loaded. The file name and line number of the error is output however.

The Control library can also be opened in the script editor by clicking on "Edit CTRL lib..." in the Edit menu of the graphics editor. This opens the file selection box in which you can select the required library file. The file is then loaded into the Script Editor where the Control library can be edited.

A Control library is only loaded once. The global variables defined inside the library will only exist once for each manager.