An experienced team of application engineers, consultants and trainers supports our customers in what is an active partnership. Our customers profit from a comprehensive service.

From product introduction to specific industry packages to engineering of pilot plants, WinCC OA specialists are available with valuable product know-how. In addition we provide extensive training services: from introductory courses for WinCC OA beginners to project-specific workshops for project engineers and decision-makers to special training for driver programming and API integration.

More information about the Online Support Request:

You can submit your enquiries easily online, by means of a support request around the clock, i.e. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Access to the online support request (register first, if not already done):

As one of the next steps you’ll be asked to select the type of service (select “Product support”) in combination with some other important questions to be answered.

After finishing your service request creation, your request will be initially checked by Siemens Industry Support and further detailed processing of your enquiry will be carried out by the ETM specialists during Austrian office hours, Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm (CET / CEST).

Communication / Pro-activity:

After a service request has been created and successfully passed the Siemens Industry Support pre-checks, you'll be actively contacted via email by the WinCC OA product support, as soon as it has been dispatched to the dedicated ETM specialists.

At the online portal you’re able to check the status of your service requests and it is also possible to send us your related information directly via this portal.

Which information is necessary to open a service request for the WinCC OA support?

In order to speed up the analysis process and for avoiding time consuming roundtrips in fetching all necessary information, please always include the following information.

  • WinCC OA version: version-number + service-pack (if applicable)
  • List of installed WinCC OA patches
  • operating system
  • system configuration: single-system, redundant system, distributed system,…
  • detailed problem description and/or step by step description, how to reproduce the reported issue
  • relevant logfiles, error outputs, progs, config,…
  • Your ticket id and/or container id of your WinCC OA development license


WinCC OA version and patch level: 3.19-P003
operating system: Windows10 64bit
system configuration: redundant system
< ... detailed problem description ... >


Mainline Support of WinCC OA

The standard product support for SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture includes the current and the previous last 2 versions. This does not apply to customers with a corresponding maintenance agreement concluded with ETM. 

Currently the following WinCC OA - versions (this includes the ‘service packs’ SP1 and/or SP2 and any official patches) are supported:

Date Release Supported Versions


current  -1

current  -2

January 2020 3.17 3.17 3.16 3.15
May 2021 3.18 3.18 3.17 3.16
December 2022 3.19 3.19 3.18 3.17

Only registered inquiries can be handled with the appropriate priority. The ETM-support is classifying each case. For that purpose, information about WinCC OA version and used platform are needed.

Following priorities are designated:

+++ Prio A +++    
Problem indicator:   crash of a WinCC OA process, system inoperable
or similar
Analysis time:   3 business days
+++ Prio B +++    
Problem indicator:   restricted operation possible, only time-/cost
expensive work-around is possible
Analysis time:   8 business days
+++ Prio C +++    
Problem indicator:   standard questions about product, features
and minor bugs
Analysis time:   14 business days

Please note that the mentioned times are average processing times and will be applied only if your contract does not provide any other proceeding.