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Useful enhancements for your wind farm management thanks to WinCC Open Architecture and Smart SCADA


Multilevel Wind SCADA Center (MWSC) based on SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture and IEC 61400-25 is a solid base for over-all supervisory and controlling solutions on various hierarchical levels. Smart SCADA can further be used for data analysis to optimize the operation of a wind turbine or wind park. The built-in diagnostics ensures root cause analysis of fault states and optimization potentials, which can be quickly addressed. The result: significantly increased productivity of the turbine and the wind farm.

Full control on each hierarchical level

Either on turbine-, Park- or supervisory layer – access to your required data is possible everywhere and every time. This also includes the possibility to archive this data. By doing so you gain higher reliability and can synchronize the data with your local substations. Short interruptions in connectivity can be compensated and synchronization cycles can be defined to avoid higher loads during peak times. Data can be stored centralized or on local stations. In case of centralized storage it is also possible to define timeframes and grades of data compression. This helps to save valuable resources, in case infrastructure requires to have such kind of solution.

Effective Turbine- and Windfarm-Management

MWSC acts as a basic framework which can be extended according to your additional requirements. It can be implemented in supervisory control centers, as well as in park control centers, turbine control stations down to dedicated views for technical staff. It offers simple and modular elements – enabling quick integration of new turbines and parks into an existing system. This can be done centralized or locally and in different grades of detail, depending on the components and the required level of details. Maintenance personnel get access to online data, alarms and historical data for optimized failure analysis of wind farms.

A better view on every level

Multimonitor concept allows direct visualization in selected graphics and data screens from any connected wind turbine, that´s why all relevant Information is available for defined service staff. Even direct comparison between similar turbines requires just a view clicks. Customizable graphical plant objects reacting on live data allow building your individual solution and design.

Find us at WindEnergy Hamburg, 25th to 28th of September, Hall B6, booth 362

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