WinCC Open Architecture V3.16

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More flexible Designs and enhanced IT Security with SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture V3.16

Nowadays, security becomes more and more important for vendors and operators of SCADA systems. Therefore SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture V3.16 sets a high focus on this topic without missing innovations in design features.

The new functionalities include:

Next level trending

The new, modern Trend feature allows creating innovative and individual views on customer´s data. Using layout management and integrated bird view control simplifies selection of required information. The possibilities to customize legends, trend axis and comments on data points help to get important information at a glance. Displaying Alarm areas within trend helps to analyze and better understand changes inside each system.

External server-side authentication

A new interface in CTRL++ allows implementing third party authentication tools including customer-owned solutions. This helps to build up more secure solutions and avoid data exchange on OA Managers like Event- or Data-Manager without further authorization. Starting from now, it is possible to connect WinCC Open Architecture identity access management to third party systems like LDAP as well as customer-owned solutions.

Additionally operating system user administration can be used in Windows and Linux including group configurations and outsourcing of password settings regarding complexity and expiration cycles.

Client DP Access Control

WinCC OA now enables to control the access to defined data points per user, including black- and whitelisting mechanisms for hosts. Based on this feature it is possible to build up multi- tenant solutions in each project.

Automatic panel generation

This feature helps to save dynamically panels and furthermore adding shapes and objects to panels, as well as adding caching information via scripts.

Layout enhancements

For creation of enhanced user experience new widgets are available. In addition new functionalities like Java Script EWOs, Chart EWOs and individual styled tree-widgets can be used.

Advanced gesture handling

Gesture handling now supports parallel operation of mouse & touch commands. Hierarchical navigation is supported as well.

IEC 62443 4-2 SL1 - System use notification

Requesting operators’ acceptance to system’s guiding principles allows handling over free configurable responsibilities to system users.

Further enhancements for communication on field level

As OPC UA is getting more and more important, it is also possible to connect to OPC UA Historical Access now. Well-prepared for SIEMENS end devices S7 Plus driver allows online browsing at PLC, as well as handling alarms coming from the PLC directly. On top, now WinCC OA supports importing TIA projects, based on TIA-Portal V15. This minimizes considerably efforts in engineering.


From now on SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture V3.16 is globally available for Windows, Linux and VMWare including ESXi.

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WinCC OA 3.16
WinCC OA 3.16
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