WinCC OA Product News are moving from WinCC OA Portal to SIOS

Since the release of our latest WinCC OA Version, product news concerning V3.18 are sent out exclusively via Siemens Industry Online Support (SIOS). Notifications concerning V3.16 and V3.17 will be distributed via WinCC OA Portal and SIOS concurrently until the end of September, after which they too will be move exclusively to SIOS.

We ask you to please follow the guide to switch on E-mail notifications in SIOS so you are kept up to date with all news concerning WinCC OA. 

First, register on to gain access to SIOS notifications. Once you’ve done so, you will find the category Product Support on the top right. There, in the product tree, navigate to WinCC OA (Automation Technology –> Operator control and monitoring Systems –> HMI Software –> SIMATIC WinCC OA) and select the category. Click on e-mail on update in the lower right  corner of the search box. There you can name and customize your filter and enable notifications.

Once you have saved your filter, navigate to the mySupport tab in the top right corner. Under My Notifications --> Settings you can select if you want to receive update e-mails daily or weekly.

Stay up to date with WinCC OA in SIOS,
Your WinCC OA Team.

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Siemens Industy Online Support (SIOS)
Siemens Industy Online Support (SIOS)
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