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To centralize our online presence, the WinCC OA portal now also hosts the content of the former website, which redirects to In this new menu tab named Company, users are able to access general information on ETM, Quality Management, job postings and more.

The schedule for WinCC OA trainings as well as detailed training descriptions and information can be viewed on the portal now. Additionally, we offer our users more insight into our partner program, such as the necessary steps needed to become a WinCC OA Partner, and the benefits thereof. 

Apart from the migration of content, further changes have been made to increase the user experience of the WinCC OA portal. The starting page has been reworked to give the user a clearer overview of the site. User credentials are now saved for auto log-in. Furthermore, numerous security and stability issues have been addressed, and we made sure to focus our attention on general debugging and troubleshooting. 

With all that, we are proud to present to you our updated and improved WinCC OA portal!

Your WinCC OA Team

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