Video Tutorials for License Activation in WinCC OA V3.17

Released with the new product version WinCC OA V3.17, the new licensing model with CodeMeter has given rise to many questions we are continuously working on providing satisfying answers to. One significant change compared to our earlier model is autonomous license handling on customer side. To ease our customers into this new process, we have created several video tutorials on how to activate, re-host and restore your licenses in different scenarios.

WinCC OA License Activation Online Procedure

In this video, the basic principles of activation licenses on a WinCC OA server with an internet connection are described. Learn how to go through the whole process from receiving your license ticket to checking on your licenses’ activation status. Further, the video explains how to rehost your licenses in case of hardware changes or maintenance.

WinCC OA License Activation Offline Procedure - Software Container

This video guides you through the process of activating licenses on a WinCC OA server that does not have an active internet connection, specifically, activating them in a software container directly on the server. Learn how to generate a request file, using it to get activated licenses though file transfer and importing them onto your offline device. Additionally, this video will teach you how to check the licenses’ activation status and handle license receipts.

WinCC OA License Activation Offline Procedure – License Re-host

This video shows you in detail how to go through the steps of the license re-hosting processes on a WinCC OA server not connected to the internet. This procedure is vital when changing hardware or performing maintenance, and it uses the same license request and receipt files as the license activation process.

Our video tutorials will give you an overview on some of the most important questions concerning licensing. We are planning to release more tutorials in the future, and we would love to hear from the community which topics you would like to be covered.


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WinCC OA Video Tutorials
WinCC OA Video Tutorials
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