Transneft – Technologies and ETM professional control GmbH to cooperate on dispatching control systems implementation

Signing ceremony of Strategic Alliance Partner Agreement between Transneft – Technologies LLC (subsidiary of Transneft JSC) and ETM professional control GmbH (daughter company of Siemens AG) took place today in the Moscow office of Siemens Russia. Parties agreed to cooperate in the field of implementation of supervisory control and data acquisition systems for the objects of oil and oil products trunk pipelines based on WinCC Open Architecture platform (WinCC OA). CEO of Transneft - Technologies Andrey Trusov and the CEO of ETM professional control GmbH Bernhard Reichl took part in the signing ceremony.

Partners intend to exchange WinCC OA related software development techniques and to cooperate in the implementation of the systems based on WinCC OA within Transneft. This includes basic software (platform itself) and tailored solutions for supervisory control for the objects of oil and oil products trunk pipelines on its basis.
WinCC OA platform is designed for use in applications requiring a high degree of client-specific adaptability, large and/or complex applications and projects that impose specific requirements to functionality and architecture. The very specific feature of WinCC OA platform is the possibility to develop own applications using already existing functionalities like redundancy, disaster recovery, geographically distributed systems, variety of field connections to remote devices etc.
Transneft already has experience of implementation and use of systems based on WinCC OA platform for the management of its huge oil and oil products trunk pipelines system (Supervisory Control Systems, Automated Control and Protection Systems) in a number of its subsidiaries. Signed agreement will allow to consolidate the current experience and to reach the next level of integration between different IT-systems as well as standardization of the solutions within the implementation of Unified Dispatching and Control System of Transneft. Partner agreement is the next step towards localization of the software solutions which are used in the projects being implemented within Transneft based on WinCC OA.
"The agreement signed today and the projects which we have already implemented on the Russian market are the examples of how the Russian customers can implement their own local solutions using the latest Siemens developments and use them for comprehensive digitalization of their operations", – noted Bernhard Reichl, CEO of ETM professional control GmbH.
"Today we moved to a new level of cooperation which will allow to build up and develop further the interaction between our companies in an effective manner and to implement innovative solutions in the field of the dispatching control systems within Transneft", – noted Andrey Trusov, CEO of Transneft - Technologies.

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Transneft - ETM
Transneft - ETM
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