SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture V3.16 FP1 – the Road to Digitalization

New features and continuous developments characterizing the new version of the WinCC OA SCADA system offer benefits for not only projects with high customization requirements, or large and/or complex applications but also those with specific system requirements. Now with leaner engineering functions, even more efficient data communication and additional security features, WinCC OA 3.16 FP1 increases the availability and security of installations and equipment all around the world.

New & improved engineering functions

The new PDF Widget now displays PDF files, such as manuals, directly in WinCC OA, quickly and smoothly providing the operator with all technical and component related information without having to exit WinCC OA. In the new version, panels and Ctrl scripts can be modified by the creator after commissioning without compromising know-how protection. As the entire project does not need to be transferred, this results in highest levels of flexibility when making any subsequent minor modifications. Another reduction in engineering effort originates from the WinCC OA OPC UA Client & Server, the OPC Foundation certified interface offering native support for all OPC UA equipment. The Test Framework used internally at ETM delivers a significant reduction in engineering efforts while simultaneously increasing quality assurance for a WinCC OA based development. Systematic internal test runs along with precise fault analysis (including a parser for JUnit) ensure comprehensive quality monitoring at WinCC OA partners, resulting in reduced development times while continuously enhancing the quality of provided solutions.

Even higher levels of protection

WinCC OA uses TLS/SSL encryption for IEC60870-5-104 to protect mission critical information and prevent industrial espionage. This certified state-of-the-art encryption for standard remote station communications prevents unintended data distribution and offers protection against malicious data manipulation. Support of the new OS Windows 10 Enterprise (CB and LTSB) not only increases IT security thanks to Microsoft but also secures your investment in the long term. The same is also true for iOS 12 Operator App support, users benefiting from the improved performance through app optimization which has also remedied several security issues.

Efficient data communication

The MindSphere Connector offers additional communication extensions interfacing to SIEMENS MindSphere, a cloud-based, open IoT system, with native and secure communication conveying up to 20,000 values per 10 seconds ensuring high performance data exchange between WinCC OA applications and the cloud. The CommCenter for Linux is now available providing comprehensive and smart alarm handling with fastest response times as well as status capturing along with corresponding analysis. The Basic system continues to support RedHat, CentOS, SUSE Enterprise and openSUSE distributions.

Further enhancements 

Improved video options result in higher levels of availability and lower network traffic when using WinCC OA Video. With support for Linux operating systems the overall costs of the video system are also reduced. Additional minor continuous improvements complement the new version 3.16 FP1, making WinCC OA even more attractive.

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WinCC OA 3.16
WinCC OA 3.16
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