IT plus OT convergency for your automation solution

SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture IOT Suite combines reliable, industrial-grade hardware with proven software based on WinCC OA and intuitive apps for establishing connections, setting controllers, and displaying information. This allows to you to establish smart infrastructure on site. Data is collected and preprocessed directly at the machine in real time without impairing the performance of the ongoing process.


See how you can profit from digitalization

Have you ever thought about how to benefit from digitalizing your existing automation solution? SIMATIC WinCC OA IOT Suite supports you in retrofitting your solution into the world of IOT.

  • Fast and independent commissioning, within 1 hour by own electrician
  • Gain more insight through easy local collection and preprocessing of data
  • Create transparency with local visualization via dashboards
  • Efficient communication by mapping and forwarding selected information only

System overview

Where IOT becomes reality

The WinCC OA IOT Suite makes it possible to retroactively digitalize existing plants with the aid of sensors and actuators. The solution is scalable for simple as well as complex automation applications and can be commissioned in less than an hour.

Central distribution of software and updates works right out of your plant infrastructure, with fully automatic and time-controlled deployment. There is an available cloud connection via IOT-Repository, which is however optional and not required for operation.
A variety of IOT apps enable easy and intuitive operation without specialized knowledge or training. The base installation includes apps for PLC configuration, data mapping and dashboarding, other digital functions, e.g. for equipment efficiency calculations (OEE) can be installed via IOT-OPA. Additionally, SIMATIC WinCC OA partners can distribute their own individually adapted solutions via IOT-Repository.
Enjoy the benefits of reliable data acquisition directly at the machine, a secure, fault-free linking connection of IT and OT, and data-based optimization of production and maintenance.

Product range - Two components - one solution


  • Preprocessing data in real time
  • Streamlining communication
  • Receive updates automatically through connection to central repository (IOT-OPA)
  • Extensions can be created easily by SIMATIC WinCC OA Partners
  • Modular approach to connectivity handling, visualization and formula creation increases usage flexibility
  • All required configurations can be implemented locally directly at the IOT-Box or remotely via WinCC OA Desktop UI or Web UI

SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture OPA (On Premise Administration)

  • Automatic deployment of apps and updates, including OS updates
  • Provides simple and secure exchange mechanisms between devices
  • Central storage and management of apps and updates on premise
  • Manages different states/versions of updates, apps and devices

Downloads & Further information

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WinCC OA IOT Suite
WinCC OA IOT Suite
WinCC OA IOT Suite Overview
WinCC OA IOT Suite Overview
WinCC OA IOT Box Screenshot
WinCC OA IOT Box Screenshot
WinCC Open Architecture OPA
WinCC Open Architecture OPA
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