SCADA Lounge @ SPS 2019

Once again this year, WinCC Open Architecture was represented as part of the exclusive HMI / SCADA Lounge at SPS IPC Drives in the Nuremberg Exhibition Center, this time at a new location. At the gallery of the Frankenhalle, our experts were available for stimulating discussions, as in previous years. In addition to the SIMATIC SCADA systems WinCC V7, WinCC Professional and WinCC Open Architecture, the lounge also featured SIMATIC Industrial PC and WinCC Unified

Under the slogan "Totally connected. Totally digitized ", we presented the SCADA industry’s latest innovations in the field of digitization. This year, the SCADA Lounge was better attended than before, thanks to the new location in the middle of the Siemens exhibition hall. Both individual customers as well as delegations of up to 30 people from different countries (including the UK, South America, Australia) were looked after by our dedicated team and familiarized with the new features of WinCC OA.

The latest software version WinCC OA V3.17 focuses on connectivity and security. It offers our customers many new opportunities, especially in the areas of cloud connectivity, archiving and security enhancements, as well as a completely new licensing model that makes license management flexible and autonomous for the customer.

Our team also gave interested visitors an insight into our new WinCC OA IOT Suite, a new WinCC OA-based edge solution developed for brownfield digitization.

In addition, there was a major achievement to celebrate: winning the Lead Award Gold for "WinCC Unified & SCADA Lounge", awarded for collecting the most qualified leads, i.e. contacts with prospects for future projects.

Highlights WinCC OA at the SCADA Lounge:

Next Generation Archiver

The NGA opens up a new, time-series optimized way of archiving with a smaller footprint and better performance in both reading and writing. Compared to the RDB, the NGA consumes 87% less storage and allows archiving of events and alarms without RAIMA.

Node-RED integration

Node-Red is a Node.js based workflow engine which lets you create workflows in a visual editor. With a unique WinCC OA function node package, the graphical editor reduces engineering effort and lets you extend your SCADA application even without programming knowledge. 


  • IEC 62443-4-2 certification started
  • New standard project with highest security setting (security by default)
  • Panels and Scripts are stored encrypted on remote Mobile & Desktop UIs
  • SNMP starts with most secure option
  • Account Management added flexibility and increased security

WinCC OA IOT Suite

The SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture IOT Suite is a brand-new Edge Computing System based on WinCC OA technology. Developed for brownfield applications, it provides the technology to retroactively digitalize existing plants with the aid of sensors and actuators. Central distribution of software and updates works right out of the plant infrastructure, including fully automatic and time-controlled deployment.

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SCADA Lounge 2019
SCADA Lounge 2019
SCADA Lounge 2019
SCADA Lounge 2019
Siemens Booth
Siemens Booth
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