More Flexibility in Software Licensing

With the market launch of SIMATIC WinCC OA V3.17, the software licensing process was completely renewed. The CodeMeter technology from Wibu-Systems used for this purpose offers users increased flexibility when changing, expanding and moving licensed software configurations. WinCC OA licenses can now be ordered both directly in the Siemens Industry Mall and via the regional sales contact. Customers get access to the ordered licenses through a ticket sent via email after the license purchase. The license portal can be managed directly by the customer or by the respective system integrator.

The central license management for customers is handled via a web portal. There, Licenses for target devices can be activated, moved from server to server or restored in the event of hardware loss or similar emergencies. As a result, customers can quickly solve many acute problems independently, carry out maintenance autonomously or expand licenses with additional components. By using the new software containers, licenses can be activated on servers or virtual machines without additional hardware protection (dongle). The use of hardware dongles is however easily possible, if required. Offline activation is also an option.

Customers can access information about their license options at any time: locally, all licenses assigned to the device can be displayed using the CodeMeter Control Center service integrated in WinCC OA V3.17 installation. In addition, technical licenses and their properties such as version number or expiration date can be viewed through a web administration interface.


  • Autonomous management of own licenses without having to contact the license issuer directly
  • Possibility to transfer licenses independently between different servers, since no hardware code is required
  • Shorter commissioning time through direct ordering and customer administration
  • Greater flexibility when ordering new services, drivers, user interfaces
  • Services can be ordered directly with licenses

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Licensing in WinCC OA
Licensing in WinCC OA
WinCC Open Architecture
WinCC Open Architecture
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