Austrian Leading Companies Award

… And the 1st place goes to – US! On Nov. 5th, the yearly ALC “Austrian Leading Companies” award took place in the historic Haydn saloon, situated in the Esterhazy castle of Eisenstadt, awarding the best companies in Burgenland. We are proud to announce that we have once again been honored with the 1st place in the category “National – more than 10 MIO Euro”.

Since its foundation in 1985 as a one-man company, we grew continuously. Today we employ abt. 160 employees from different nationalities, with a strong tendency for further growth. We work and develop with and for enterprises, such as CERN in Switzerland, the medical particle accelerator MedAustron in Austria, the international nuclear fusion research project ITER in France and monitor infrastructure facilities such as the underground in New York and Vienna, the entire net of gas supply in Holland as well as the worldwide longest pipeline in China.

For all this we have now been awarded once again with the 1st place of the ALC “Austrian Leading Companies”. This price goes to innovative companies and the best employers of Burgenland. The award is organized and allocated by KSC1870, PwC and „Die Presse“.

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Austrian Leading Companies Award 2018
Austrian Leading Companies Award 2018
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