ALC Award and Innovation Award Burgenland

This year the WinCC OA team celebrates in the days before Christmas. Why? Because we received awards at the Austrian Leading Companies Award and the Innovation Award Burgenland.

ALC Award - "Die Presse", KSV1870 and PwC Austria are honoring companies for the 22nd time that have made a lasting mark on Austria's economy and location. The award is especially important this year to show that the economy is successfully fighting the crisis. This year we scored the 2nd place in the category “Internationally active companies”. 

Die Presse about ETM professional control GmbH: "In order to be able to expand the success and growth of the company, the largest automation project in ETM history to date was launched with "BIP FY19". Core objective: automation of order processing without loss of earnings and acceleration of the ordering process."

Innovation Award Burgenland - The Innovation Award honors innovative developments and exciting future projects. This ensures competitiveness and strengthens the location in the region. This year, we received the award for our "WinCC OA IOT Suite" in the category "large companies”. 

Wirtschaft Burgenland: “The IOT Suite sets new standards in the interaction of IT and OT for automation solutions! Thereby reliable, industrial-grade hardware with the proven software on the basis of WinCC OA and apps that can be operated intuitively. The modular software concept has integrated a central administration, which ensures easy extensibility of apps as well as an advanced solution for automatic distribution of these new apps is guaranteed.

Because of Corona it was not possible to pick up the price by ourself but we made a little video to show you how happy we are that we placed the Awards: 

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WinCC OA IOT Suite - Innovation Award
WinCC OA IOT Suite - Innovation Award
WinCC OA IOT Suite - Innovation Award
WinCC OA IOT Suite - Innovation Award
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