Which platforms does WinCC OA 3.17 support?

Please note that we no longer support third-party components - which are not supplied by ETM - from the point in time at which the manufacturer discontinues support.
From this point on, this also applies to all supported previous versions of WinCC OA.

Only one WinCC OAproject is allowed to run on a system! Multiple project must not be used on the same machine!

Operating systems

  • The following specifications list configurations tested by ETM and that are officially supported. Particularly for the new Linux distributions, this is the latest status; recommended updates to new kernel versions or patches are possible as are service packs for Windows.
  • The Windows user of WinCC OA must be a member of the default group "Power Users".
  • In the following table entries marked with "Yes" refer to the fact that it is allowed to run the application in productive use.
  • "Client" refers to a remote computer which is designed for the system of a user interface.

Please consider that only 64bit operating systems are supported!

Operating system

Supported edition



Windows 10

  • CB Version 1909 64bit (Build-Version: 10.0.18363.1198)
  • LTSC Version 2019 64bit (Build-Version: 10.0.17763.1518)



Windows Server 2019

Server 2019 64bit (Build-Version: 10.0.17763.1518)



Windows Server 2016

Server 2016 64bit (Build-Version: 10.0.14393)



Linux RedHat

Enterprise Linux 8 64bit (Build-Version: 8.3)




CentOS 8 64bit (Build-Version: 8.3)



SUSE Linux Enterprise

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Version 15 SP2 64bit



SIMATIC Industrial OS

SIMATIC Industrial OS V2.1



Android (Mobile UI)

6 and above



iOS (Mobile UI)

13.0 and above




Cluster (HA) ESXi 7.0.1

Installing patches

You have to stop WinCC OA(incl. console, project administration, PMON and log viewer) before installing a patch.

Linux - Additional Information

Following restrictions must be considered when using WinCC OA version 3.17 under Linux:

DriversNot all drivers are supported
COM InterfaceNot supported
Excel ReportNot supported
C# APINot supported
Communication CenterSerial Interface only
TranslatorNot supported
SmartSCADANot supported when using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server or SIMATIC Industrial OS
RDB archivingNot supported when using SIMATIC Industrial OS
Disaster Recovery SystemNot supported when using SIMATIC Industrial OS

Restrictions - Desktop Environment

  • Only the window managers GNOME and KDE are supported. The usage of KDE is recommended.
  • Due to technical restrictions the usage of the virtual keyboard is not supported for GNOME.
  • Please note that when using the Linux desktop environment GNOME the error message "... is not responding" might appear. This happens if content is loaded that takes more than 5 seconds to finish. By pressing the "Wait" button the UI can be normally used after it has finished loading the content.
  • On GNOME desktops, the 2 finger swipe gestures are not supported.

Linux - Display Server

It must be considered that the display server "Wayland" is currently not supported by WinCC OA.
If "Wayland" is the default display server of your distribution, please manually select the "X11" display server when logging into your system or completely disable "Wayland" on your system.


To disable "Wayland" e.g. for CentOS 8 the hash (#) symbol must be removed from the line "#WaylandEnable=false" inside of the /etc/gdm/custom.conf.

Supported Web Browser

The compatibility of WinCC OA has been tested with following web browsers:

Firefox Quantum68.12.0 ESR 
new Edge83.0.478.37 
Internet Explorer11 

Discontinuation Overview

A list of all discontinued features and announcements for future discontinuations can be found within the official WinCC OA portal. Click here!

Microsoft Windows Security Updates

This product supports a Microsoft Windows operating system. Microsoft is responsible for operating system updates. Therefore please stay informed about operating system updates directly at following page:


Supported Oracle Versions for RDB

  • The following client versions are supported: Oracle Client 19c (Oracle Full Client 19c (for Linux: 19.8+One-Off Patch (p28933630_198000DBRU_Linux-x86-64.zip))).
  • The following server versions are supported - see the table below.
  • An excerpt of the server/client combinations supported by Oracle can be found in the table below.
  • Following combinations are officially tested with WinCC OA:
    • Oracle Server 19c with Oracle Client 19c
    • For existing projects under Windows, the Oracle Client is supported.
  • Only the Standard and Enterprise Editions are supported.
  • Only 64bit versions of the Oracle client are supported.
  • As of the WinCC OA version 3.17 P008 or higher, the Oracle Client Installation is also supported under Linux. For a detailed installation manual, see the chapter Linux Client Installation with 19c.
  • Using Oracle 19 Client and ODBC the CtrlAdo dbEof() function does not work for cursortypes 1 (adOpenKeyset) and 3 (adOpenStatic) under Windows. This is due to changes outside of the scope of WinCC OA.
  • The VC14 support is automatically installed together with the Oracle client software under Windows!

  • The directory of the Oracle client oci\lib\msvc\vc14 must exist and the OS system path variable must also refer to the directory of the oraocci14.dll in the \oci\lib\msvc\vc14:
    Therefore, the OS system path variable must be extended with the full path of the %ORACLE_HOME%\oci\lib\msvc\vc14 directory at the beginning of the system path.

  • It has to be considered, that the usage of the Oracle Client is only supported for operating systems officially supported by Oracle. If a different operating system is used and an Oracle Service-Request is required, the problem must be reproducible on an officially supported operating system.

Server/Client Combinations - Oracle Support

The official information by Oracle can be found here.
This table has been last updated in September 2020.

Client VersionServer Version
19c19c, 18c, 12.2.0

Supported InfluxDB® Version for NGA

  • NGA has been tested with InfluxDB® v1.8.3. This version is also included in the WinCC OA setup.
  • This version is available for all 64 bit Linux and Windows platforms supported by WinCC OA.

The Windows version of InfluxDB® is currently not officially supported by InfluxData© but has been tested exhaustively by ETM.



WinCC OAsystems running on VMWare, should follow certain hints to ensure the integrity and operation of the WinCC OAapplication.

  • WinCC OAmust be properly shutdown before a Virtual Machine is stopped.
  • An ‘online backup’ (‘snapshot’) of a Virtual Machine is not supported.
  • A snapshot of a virtual machine can not be restored.
  • The clock of the virtual machine shall never make an unexpected jump (forward or backward) while WinCC OAis running.
  • Redundant WinCC OAsystems shall run on physical redundant hardware and network configurations.
  • WinCC OAmust not run on a virtual machine for safety critical systems.

Office packages and Excel

Supported Excel Versions


Excel 2016 32bit

Excel Report, Mass configuration

Excel 365 32bit (1912 (Build 12325.20298 Click-to-Run)

Excel Report,  Mass configuration

Only Excel 32bit versions are supported for the WinCC OA Excel Report.

Virus scanner

WinCC OA was tested with the following virus scanners and security suites:

McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite 10.6.7 (supported under CentOS 8 )

Trendmicro OfficeScan XG

Symantec Endpoint Protection V14.2.2.0

Kaspersky® Endpoint Security for Business Select

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business advanced  (supported under Windows V11.2.0 |  RedHat V10.1.1)

Kaspersky Industrial Cyber Security 2.0

Microsoft Defender ab Server 2016 und Win10

Note that virus scanners may decrease the performance.
Additional information on virus scanners and on white listing tools can be found within the WinCC OA Security Guidelines. They are available for download on the official WinCC OA website. Click here!



The following SSL library must be used in order to ensure full compatibility with WinCC OA:

  • OpenSSL 1.1.1g

This library is supplied by the WinCC OA installation.

API development

Operating system

Development environment


Visual C++ / Visual Studio 2017 (VC14.1) Compiler Version  for x64

If an API manager/driver was compiled using VS 2017 at least VS 2017 Runtime has to be installed on the target system. Otherwise the error  "The system cannot execute the specified program" is shown.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux  with GCC Version 8.2.1.

SUSE Linux Enterprise with GCC Version 7.4.1

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