Is the Software <Software name> supported by WinCC OA/ETM/Siemens?

Please have a look at our Software requirements page in our online documentation.

If the software you have in mind is not mentioned there it is unfortunately not officially supported.

Please consider:
WinCC OA runs over 70.000 automated tests every night to ensure and maintain its high level of quality.
If you think of the large number of supported operating systems and already supported software, adding another one would increase the test efforts exponentially.

So what does that mean for you?

  • In any case, please inform us about your requirement. If a larger numer of requests is recieved, chances are higher, that we will be able to provide official support with an upcoming version of WinCC OA.
  • You may run WinCC OA along your required software anyway. As WinCC OA usually has low dependencies, chances are high that it will work just perfectly fine.
    Several customers already applied this procedure and run without any issues.
  • You may ask for official support, usually this means - also depending on the license volume of your project(s) - that this will cost you a fee.
  • If you run it and encounter a bug, this bug needs to be reproducable on an supported environement/software combination.
    If it is not reproducable there and you require a bug fix, you would be asked to cover the costs of the fix for your specific environement.
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