How is WinCC OA licensed?

Normally WinCC OA is licensed like a typical SCADA product. There are server licenses, licenses for clients or licenses for engineering/development tools. License costs depend on number of external tags. Several options are available like redundancy, distribution, maintenance, drivers and so on.

Our product is protected in a way that you can order a license, which is related to a specific computer or a dongle.

For project licenses you pay one time and you will get a license for an unlimited period. There are maintenance contracts available to get new versions and service packs of WinCC OA and support.

For development licenses we also offer a license model based on a low yearly fee including new versions and a specific amount of hotline support. You can use this license as long as you pay this yearly fee.

We are also willing to discuss special license models (e.g. lump sum models for OEM's), if you have special needs. 

Ask our sales (sales(AT) to get more information.

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