How can I start a remote WinCC OA process for a redundant pair of servers?

In this case it is recommended to have a local project installation on the remote machines with a correct link to Data and Event Manager on the server machines. This could be configured by creating a new remote UI project by usage of the WinCC Project Administrator.

Outside from this project via CMD-Line it is now possible to start remote processes with the usage of the “-proj” option. In this case there is no need to be concerned about the actual state of redundant servers because the connection will be establish automatically

For example:

Start a remote UI with this cmd-Line:
WCCOAui –proj [project name]

Start a remote UI with a local license (this is used when a Dongle with a para license is connected to the remote machine and this license should be used instead of the license on the servers):
WCCOAui –localLicense –m para -proj [project name]

This option is available for many WinCC OA processes and it could also be used for CMD based tools from WinCC like: “WCCOAtoolNameToId”

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