Checks if the name of a data point or name of a project only contains the permitted characters.

Replaces the dpNameCheck() and dpIsLegalName() functions which remain for compatibility reasons!


int nameCheck( string &dpName [, int nameType]);


Parameter Description
dpName DP or project name.

Constants that specify the check type:

  • NAMETYPE_DP (==1): Checks whether the specified data point name only contains the allowed characters.

    Forbidden characters for data point names are: blank and . : , ; * ? [ ] { } $ @ as well as unprintable ASCII characters:
    \x01 \x02 \x03 \x04 \x05 \x06
                                                \x07 \x08 \x09 \x0A \x0B \x0C \x0D \x0E \x0F \x10 \x11
                                                \x12 \x13 \x14 \x15 \x16 \x17 \x18 \x19 \x1A \x1B \x1C
                                                \x1D \x1E \x1F \x20 \x7F
    . See here for more information on these unprintable characters.
  • NAMETYPE_PROJ (==2): Checks whether the specified project name contains the following forbidden characters: blank and \ / " ? < > * | : ; '

  • NAMETYPE_PATH (==3): No check at the moment.

    If you do not specify the nameType, the NAMETYPE_DP is used by default.

Return value

The function returns 0 if the name only contains permitted characters and otherwise -1. When the function returns -1, it also returns the corrected name (therefore, the syntax contains the "&" character).



Checks if the name of a data point or project name only contains the permitted characters. The function also checks multibyte characters. The returned result is 0 (only permitted characters) or -1 (illegal characters). The corrected name is returned in the dpName parameter.


The example checks if the name of the data point in the text field is correct. It also writes the corrected data point name into the text field after a delay.

  string dpName1 ="/Data point1%";
  DebugN("Data point name:", dpName1);
  TEXT_FIELD1.text = dpName1;
  int i = nameCheck(dpName1, 1);

  if(i == 0)
    DebugN("The data point name does not contain any illegal characters:", dpName1);
    DebugN("Data point name contains illegal characters");
    DebugN("Corrected name: ", dpName1);
    TEXT_FIELD1.text = dpName1;


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