The class can be used to implement a user-defined authentication method.


Member method Description Type
OaAuthMethodUserdefined This is the constructor of the OaAuthMethodUserdefined class. Add the functionality that should be done in the OaAuthMethodUserdefined constructor to the constructor of the class. See the chapter User-defined external authentication for the constructor. public
isEnabled() This method specifies whether the user-defined class is enabled or not. public static bool
checkUserPassword() This method must implement a password check for the user. public OaAuthenticationError
create() This method is used by the factory class to instantiate an object of the OaAuthMethodUserdefined class. THE METHOD MUST NOT BE CHANGED! public static OaAuthMethod
getName() The method returns the name of the authentication method public static string
getAuthType() The method returns the authentication type of the class. public OaAuthenticationType
getHttpPermissions() The method checks the HTTP permissions. public void
isServerSideAuthEnabled() The method specifies that this specific class can be used for the server-side authentication. public bool
getMustCreateUser() The method creates a user in WinCC OA. public bool