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29.03.2023  | News

WinCC OA Security certificate Booster

Certificates play an important role in secure communication, acting like a passport to show and guarantee correct identities. Since security is key in WinCC OA, we provide several default certificates. Hence all security-related functionalities can be used for…

28.03.2023  | News

Request your free WinCC Open Architecture Evaluation License now!

Register today to claim your free evaluation license for WinCC OA!

25.03.2024  | News

WinCC OA Security Info and where to find it

Security relevant information is centrally available at Siemens ProductCERT homepage.

7.12.2022  | News

WinCC Open Architecture V3.19 now available

In times where SCADA systems have to follow the increasing trend towards IT and OT integration,…

7.04.2022  | News

WinCC OA Product News are moving from WinCC OA Portal to SiePortal (SIOS)

Since the release of WinCC OA Version 3.18, product news concerning this version are sent out…

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