F&S Prozessautomation GmbH

Gewerbering 35
01809 Dohna/Dresden
WinCC Partner

Company / Business focus:

Superordinate control system and automation for

  • Power generation plants
    • thermic power plant
    • wind energy plant
    • hydroelectric power station
  • Infrastructure plants
    • Traffic facilities (Rails, roads, water ways)
    • Airports, railway systems and plants
  • Machine automation
    • Excitation (Static, compound-wound, brushless …)
    • Synchronization
    • Machine-, block- and grid protection
  • Supply
    • Heating supply
    • Gas supply
    • Water treatment and distribution
    • Telecontrol
  • Manufacturing
    • Process automation (chemical plants, biodiesel esterification plants, tank farms, coating plants)


Business activities mainly in the own country (65%)

International projects (35%)


Traffic & Transport,  Building Automation,  Energy,  Industry,  Oil & Gas,  Water/Wastewater, 

Field of business activity:

  1. Distributed, superordinated SCADA system for the integrated operation management of the offshore wind park “Meerwind Süd/Ost”
  2. Distributed, redundant automation- and control system for tunnels in the province Sachsen
  3. Distributed control system with three remote control stations for locks and lift bridges for water ways in Emsland/Münsterland
  4. Safety automation system for the control of passengers in the passenger bridges of the new airport in Berlin Brandenburg
  5. Development of an industry solution “Service portal for wind energy plants” on behalf of and in cooperation with SIEMENS

Other information:

F&S Prozessautomation sees itself as a business partner for innovative, practical and future-proof automation solutions from a single source.

F&S Prozessautomation is a team of engineers and technicians, which has grown since 1990. The engineers and technicians manufactures and puts automation systems into operation: from control boxes to large distributed control systems.

F&S company video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1LlOpnDNrI

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