PVSS00ascii - PARAM/WARNING - Setting/modifying attributes failed, DP: “DPE-name”:_alert_hdl.”X”._class

Enclosed you'll find the explanation for a log-message which can occur during the ASCII-import. The log-message is written to the PVSS00ascii_log-log-file when using the ASCII-manager panel.

PVSS00ascii (1), 2014.05.16 16:17:43.767, PARAM,WARNING, 23, Setting/modifying attributes failed, DP: System1:Engine.failure:_alert_hdl.1._class, MAN: (SYS: 4 Ascii -num 1 CONN: 1)

Log-message with symbolic names:

PVSS00ascii (1), <TIMESTAMP>, PARAM,WARNING, 23, Setting/modifying attributes failed, DP: <DPE-name>:_alert_hdl.<detail-number>._class, MAN: (SYS: <system number> Ascii -num 1 CONN: 1)

This log-message occurs when there is no _alert_class-config defined at the datapoint-element which is defined as _alert_class in the ASCII-file for the _alert_hdl-config of the given DPE-name.
To get rid of this error you have to choose a dp-element with a correctly configured _alert_class-config.

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