How are the different webserver options licensed in WinCC OA 3.18?

We have three WEB servers in WinCC OA – rs_http, webclient_http and xml_rpc. Which one is free of charge?
Answer: All of them are free of charge for 3.18.

How shall we use the option “Load Balancer” from licensing and technical perspective?
Answer: This refers to load balancing where - also depending on the capability of the server - a limit of 30 ULC UX should not be exceeded by a single server.
A license is required per line of load balancing entry in config file. The first entry is included.
Please refer to the WinCC OA documentation for the usage of ULC UX load balancing.

How is the “Web sockets” option licensed?
Answer: Web Sockets which are used WinCC OA internally are free of charge. Only for custom solutions which require web sockets this license is required.

Does the execution of WEB server consume the appropriate license?
Answer: In 3.17 it does. 3.18 is free of charge – hence no license consumption.

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