Starting GEDI with different language

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Starting GEDI with different language

Post by NikolayLevchenko » Tue Jul 09, 2019 7:26 am


I have a multi-language project and I need to provide customer with an Engineering Station with ability to use it in any of the project languages.

The server and client projects have smth like this in config:

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# Project languages
langs = "de_DE.utf8"
langs = "en_US.utf8"
langs = "ru_RU.utf8"

# Default project language
# for menus, etc.
lang = "en_US.utf8"
The Engineering Client is started via a batch file, smth like:

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START C:\Siemens\Automation\WinCC_OA\3.15\bin\WCCOAui.exe -proj EngineeringUI_xxx -m gedi -user username
Problem: GEDI always starts in English. I can switch the language for panels inside the GEDI but not the GEDI interface itself (menus, etc.).

Is there any way to define interface language at startup? I can't seem to find any WCCOAui.exe options to do it. The most obvious way is to create 3 Engineering Client projects with different lang in their respective config files but this seems like an overkill.
Is there a simpler solution to this?

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Re: Starting GEDI with different language

Post by buec » Tue Jul 09, 2019 11:30 am

Add -lang de_DE.utf8 to your batch file and the GEDI will start in German.

BR Christoph

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