EIP Addressing Array of Structs

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EIP Addressing Array of Structs

Post by chood » Fri May 24, 2019 9:40 pm

I have an array I am reading from a 1756 L71 AB PLC.

Structure in PLC is an array of "Steps" that hold 9 fields per element with varying data types (ints and strings).

When trying to addressing each element in OA, i am creating the following a structure for each step and appending the step number to the structure name.
NextStep (int)
PresetTime (int)
Description (string)

The addressing looks as follows: PLC1.A3.Steps[0].NextStep. This works fine for a single element, however, when I add the second element of the array, I receive an error from OA:

WCCOAeip (1), 2019.05.24 14:24:04.536, SYS, WARNING, 54, Unexpected state, EipMaster, processLogixResponse, PLC11: Read of tag[0] A3.Steps[0].NextStep failed with error CIP Error 0x00ff: General Error

I looked up the General error 0x00ff and found that it could pertain to any of the following:
Address out of range
Attempt to access beyond end of data object
Data in use
Data type is invalid or not supported

However, I don't quite understand where the issue lies. OA is the only system polling the device, the address is valid and the data type matches.

Any input on this would be appreciated.

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Re: EIP Addressing Array of Structs

Post by gschijndel » Wed Sep 11, 2019 7:18 am

3.16 P013 contains a fix for UDT arrays.

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