Oracle license choise

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Oracle license choise

Post by smagnoni »


we are evaluating the possibility of moving our oracle CPU based licensing to a user based licensing.
We are now wandering how user shall be counted.

Shall we consider our RDB manager a single user (making this licensing model very interesting) or shall RDB be considered only a proxy for every device/sensor actually connected to the SCADA system which therefore should have their own license (making this licensing model completelly unusable).

Simple Example:
3 PLCs
100 temerature sensors connected to each PLC

Does this count as:
- one user
- 3 users
- 300 users

Did anyone already investigated this with Oracle?

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Re: Oracle license choise

Post by leoknipp »

When running WinCC OA with the RDB manager to save data in a Oracle database the RDB manager opens the connection to the database, which possibly counts as 1 user.
I do not know how Oracle counts the users, you should possibly get in contact with Oracle for the clarification which license is needed.

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Re: Oracle license choise

Post by kilianvp »

All persons (in any way data viewing and / or importing data into an Oracle database) and non-user operated devices with program access must be licensed. NUP (Named User Plus) can only be used if the number of users can be determined. There is always a minimum number of licenses that must be purchased. All these restrictions ensure that NUP (Named User Plus) can almost never be used.

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