3.17 Licensing

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3.17 Licensing

Post by jiji.thankappan »

Hi all,

I know 3.17 licensing and activation is different than the older versions of WinCC OA, could you please clear my below doubts for 3.17 licensing?
    When i checked on the video tutorials for the 3.17 licensing, it is possible to rehost the license by online and as well as offline, but how many times can we re-host the same license?
      If we need to format a PC that has the license, how can we restore it ?
        Can we register the ticket on more than one PC at the same time?

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        Re: 3.17 Licensing

        Post by leoknipp »

        For details concerning licensing please have a look at the WinCC OA Documentation: Installation --> WinCC OA Licensing.

        One ticket can only be activated in 1 container at the same time. Using the same ticket several times is not possible.
        Re-Hosting a license is possible several times. Restoring a license is only possible one time.

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        Leopold Knipp
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