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WinCC Para Remote license

Post by Kirvesmies »

How is Para Remote license intended to work (v3.17)?

My setup is one redundant pair of WinCC OA Servers + one Remote Engineering PC.

I installed the Para Remote license to the Engineering station and successfully used GEDI on the Engineering PC via a UI "-m gedi -localLicense".
Then I moved the pararemote lic to Server1 and successfully started GEDI on Server1 via UI "-m gedi -localLicense".
But with the license at the server I cannot start GEDI on the Remote Engineering PC.

I get error "Invalid licenseCodeMeter request for:para (88224,.....CmContainer Entry not found, Error 200"

It seems that:
88224 = Para
88226 = Para Remote
so why doesn't it try to use the Para Remote license

So I want to be able to start Gedi both at the server and at the Engineering station (not at the same time) without moving the license.

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Re: WinCC Para Remote license

Post by leoknipp »

The idea of the "pararemote" license is that you have one computer where the pararemote license is installed. This computer is used to connect to several server systems to do a configuration which requires a Ui running in extended mode (-extend, -m gedi, -m para).

Storing the license at the server will not work as the keyword "-localLicense" only looks for a valid license on the computer where the UI is started.

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